Fitness Class Workouts

Workout 27.06. & 28.06.22

Alles für die Pferdeschenkel Warm-Up 1 push up2 inch worms4 walking burpees8 squats16 sit ups32 lunges (total) Mobilität ShouldersHips Kraft EMOM12odd: 10 double KB/ DB presseseven: 10 ring rows or banded pull ups for quality Zwischenübung 1 Tabata1) Heel Taps2) bicycle crunches WOD For Time (TC18)200 Goblet Squats (24/16)but every time you break do 10 […]


Workout 24.06.22

Clean Complex Warm-Up 30 cal Ski Erg/Row/ASBInto: 3 rounds8 Plate Ground to Overhead8 Burpee to Plate8 Plate strict press8 Plate Front Squats Mobilität ShouldersWristsHipsLegs Technik / Kraft Clean Complex:3 rounds4 Reps of Complex:– 1 Power Clean– 1 Hang Clean– 1 Front Squat– 1 Push Press1 min rest after each round Zwischenübung 1 5 rounds:30 sec […]


Workout 17.06.22

Dumbell Overheadsquat & Clean Warm-Up 5 min Cardio of own choiceInto3 rounds:8 American KB Swings8 One Arm alternating KB cleans (4 each site)8 KB Front Lunges (8 each site) Mobilität Shoulders Hips Back Technik / Kraft 2 min max wdh single arm DB overheadsquat – alternating1 min Rest2 min max wdh double DB hang clean1 […]


Workout 16.06.22

Holiday Special Warm-Up 2 rounds Runde um Halle laufen 10 Deadbugs 10 Good Mornings 10 Hip Bridges 10 Plank Marches Mobilität Shoulder Wrists Hips Kraft EMOM 8 Odd: 5/5 Cross Body KB OH Hold Box Stepup (light weight) Even: 6 heavy DBall Clean & Weitwurf Zwischenübung 1 EMOM 12 1) 20-30s D Ball V hold […]


Workout 14.06.22

Sixpack und Chicken Wings Warm-Up 3 rounds: 20 Air Squats Mobilität AbsHipsShoulders Kraft EMOM 2410 Slam Balls30 s Arch Hold30 Russian Twists30 s Hollow Hold30 Heel Taps30 s Plank Zwischenübung 1 Bring Sally Up WOD For Time (TC 9)100 DB Snatches Cool Down Static Stretch Navigation Home kurse MedXFit Kontakt Über Uns Partner The CrossFIt […]


Workout 13.06.22

Good Monday Warm-Up 5 rounds:1 min. cardio of your choice10 Box step ups Mobilität WristsShouldersLegs Kraft Backsquats:10 Reps @ 60% KG10 Reps @ 65% KG10 Reps @ 70% KG WOD AMRAP 12:12 Burpees12 Single DB box step ups12 Single DB reverse lunges Cool Down Static Stretch Navigation Home kurse MedXFit Kontakt Über Uns Partner The […]


Workout 10.06.22

Header Warm-Up 3 rounds:5 Burpee to Target10 KB Deadlift5 KB Front Squats20 M Famers Carry Mobilität Hips Shoulder Technik Thruster Zwischenübung 1 5 min for:Find your 95% of one repetion ThrusterThen 1min restEMOM 6:6 Thruster mit 60-70% Zwischenübung 2 TABATA:Jumping SquatsAB-Mat Sit ups WOD For Time: Time Cap 5 min80 American KB-Swings (24/16)1 min RestAmrap […]


Workout 09.06.22

Strength Building & CF Sweat Warm-Up 3 rounds:30 DU/60 SU20 Mountain Climber (Two count)5 Burpees Mobilität Shoulderhipswrists Kraft EMOM 126 Single Arm Glute Bridge Bench Press10-14 Alternating Tuck Up5 Pull Ups (Jeder wie er kann) Zwischenübung 1 Tabata Plank MarchDuck Walk WOD AMRAP 156 no pushup burpee box over gorilla version10 Plate to Overhead10 alternating […]


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